EXPERIENCE the Harmonic Arts

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"
About the Harmonic Arts

The harmonic arts are practices that apply harmonic principles to creatively explore and interact with the world. They include fundamental skills such as listening, harmonic visualization, vocalization, communication, and improvisation. By engaging consciousness as an instrument or system of harmonic function, practitioners train the mind so as to enhance their ability to perceive, interact with, and shape their environments using principles of sound and music. These art forms are universally beneficial and can transforms ones experience and perspective in multiple areas of life (spiritual, intellectual, creative, social, emotional, physiological).


Harmonics Training

Study the theory and practice of harmonics and receive support in the form of directed learning, joint practice, sharing, feedback.


Workshops & Retreats

Participate in experience which sharpen your intuition, expand your creative practice, and deepen your harmonic awareness.


Educational Resources

Dive into resources of study for meditation, music, and harmonic knowledge, and stay up to date with the Art of Harmonics.

Join a Community of Harmonics Research and Practice

Harmonics inquiry is open to individuals from any path or vocation who wish to cultivate a deeper capacity to encounter life through the lens of sound, silence, and harmonic relationship.

Those coming from diverse spiritual, intellectual, cultural, creative, and professional contexts can find common ground and benefit from deepening their awareness of the intricate harmony that exists at the foundations of our experience as human beings.

Study the instrument of harmonic awareness

The art of harmonics offers an opportunity to engage together in the shared experience and exploration of the deeper implications of the musical cosmos and the instrument of consciousness in the context of individual training, workshops, retreats, and study.

Discover the Harmonic Paradigm

The insight that the cosmos is harmonically generated and ordered extends from the world’s most ancient philosophical and religious traditions to the present scientific inquiries of modern physics. Harmonics practice translates this worldview into tangible experience so practitioners can increase their capacity to relate to and interact with the harmony of the world directly, beyond conceptual limitation.

Learn the language of Harmonics

This outlook employs harmony or music as meta-language to serve a primary role conditioning and contextualizing the foundations of human experience. As a universal language, it can function as a common mode of discourse to facilitate the harmonization of diverse perspectives and disciplines, such as the present dichotomy between science and religion.