Michael Rene
Michael Rene is a contemplative, musician, educator, and researcher from Vancouver, Canada.
He has maintained a practice of sonic meditation, multi-instrumental musicianship, and interdisciplinary learning for over 20 years and is passionate about sharing experiences of depth, beauty, and meaning through the mediums of sound and silence. The Art of Harmonics reflects the synthesis of his life long interest in contemplative practice, music, and interdisciplinary studies (comparative religion, esotericism, philosophy, mathematics, geometry, etc).


Creative & Contemplative Facilitation

To facilitate collective experiences that engage the depth dimension of sound, language, harmony, music, and silence in personal, musical, and interpersonal contexts

To create environments which foster the creation music that emerges from states of inspiration, interconnection, and transcendance.

To contribute to the societal need for religious/spiritual/psychological experience in a contextually open way with multiple pathways of meaning and relatability depending on the context of the experience

Knowledge Synthesis & Holistic Learning

To encourage dialogue explorating the harmonic paradigm from an interdisciplinary and intercultural lens. This including topics of the musical natural of reality and consciousness, the deeper meanings of music, the path of harmonic evolution of consciousness, future music technology

To share contemplative and creative transformational practices based on potentials for generative or receptive harmonic consciousness to enable participation in the pathways of harmonic development, evolution, or growth.

Community Development & Transformation

To create a nexus for supportive community that is actively engaged in the many dimensions of harmonics practice.

To form a network of practicioners which can bring harmonic understanding further into our cultural awareness to engender constructive societal growth.